Why Do I Need To Download the MAX App?

peace of mind

Concussion Injury List.PNG

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that MAX stores all of an athlete's medical records within a comprehensive athlete profile. You can quickly update important health information and automatically notify the school healthcare team of these changes. Doctor notes, changes in medications, newly discovered allergies, and more can be quickly updated so the most pertinent information is in the hands of healthcare providers.

And because this information is vital to your child's care, MAX presents this information at the very top of the athlete profile.  Coaches and healthcare providers have a reminder each time they view your child's profile so they don't miss important details about your child's safety.

Participation Paperwork

Getting your child's necessary paperwork to the school has never been easier.  Login to the MAX web app and you can complete all of the forms assigned to your child by the school. Your child's forms are saved in your account, so you won't have to reach back out to the school to get another copy of your physical exam paperwork. Plus, next year's forms will be a breeze because all your information is already stored in MAX.

Care Instructions

When you're in a hurry to get home (or to a dinner or whatever else), spending 5 minutes talking to the school athletic trainer or coach about how to best take care of an injury can be a futile exercise.  MAX allows the school personnel to send appropriate care instructions to you, so you don't have to remember every comment from a rushed conversation.  Plus your child also receives these care instructions so everyone knows how to get the child back on the field or court.



It can be such a pain to show up for your child's practice, just to find out that it was cancelled earlier that day. With DragonFly MAX, when coach updates the time or date of a game, you get an automatic notification of the changes, so you won't show up again for a game that isn't happening.