How Does MAX Make My Teams Better?

Team Schedules


Athletes never have an excuse for not knowing when and where they are supposed to be when you use our team scheduling features. Add all of the most important team events, including practices, games, team meetings, etc. Changes to your events can automatically get updated to your entire team and their families. You can also provide multiple reminders about these events so no one ever forgets.


Sometimes keeping up with all of your athletes is a hassle. With MAX your athletes can notify you of where they are and what they are doing to improve their performance. Timeline updates appear in the "What's Been Happening?" section of your Today view and include notifications from the athletic trainer regarding treatments to each athlete. Notifications are also sent to you each the athletic trainer adds or updates an injury record for one of your athletes. This helps you stay on track with your athlete's care, return to participation status, and much more. But you also have full control of which notifications you receive, so there's no information overload.



You can use our messaging tools to communicate with your team's athletes, their parents, others in your organization. You can also create group chat sessions for parents and athletes to talk with one another.

Injury Lists

Injury List.PNG

Information from Team Healthcare Providers is delivered to coaches in real-time so you can stay up to date on the health status of your team. Participation status, practice limitations, and rehab instructions are all just one swipe away.