Rob Milam

Head Athletic Trainer
Spanish Fort High School
Mobile, AL

"DragonFly MAX is a fantastic documentation software for Athletic Trainers and Coaches. It allows immediate communication for all parties. Having this app has made documentation much faster, while being more efficient in terms of communication, as well."

Tim Tackett.jpg

Tim Tackett

County Athletic Director
Rutherford County Schools
Murfreesboro, TN

"Your professionalism and knowledge are only surpassed by the willingness of the full staff to work with our school system's needs. Our coaches and ADs have repeatedly shared with me the spirit of cooperation they have encountered with Dragonfly.  Again, thanks for continuing to truly be part of our team."

Holly Taylor

Head Athletic Trainer
Springfield High School
Springfield, TN


“Using DragonFly MAX has been a game changer for my Athletic Training Room.  It enables me to quickly communicate productive info to coaches regarding their athletes’ playing status, compliance with rehab, and restrictions.  My coaches were skeptical at first, but the lightning fast access to athlete info won them over.”

Heather Riffe

Athletic Trainer
Grissom HS & Buckhorn HS
Huntsville, AL

"DragonFly MAX has helped save me time with paperwork and SOAP notes. Tracking injuries is a lot simpler when the athlete can be informed and involved every step of the way."

Goodwin, Dennis.JPG

Dennis Goodwin

Athletic Director & Head Football Coach
Donelson Christian Academy
Nashville, TN

"DragonFly MAX has been an excellent tool for coaches and parents alike.  The convenience of having our student-athlete’s information and physical status/availability together through an app is invaluable to the athletics and medical staff."

Gary Beatty, ATC

Head Athletic Trainer
Battle Ground Academy
Nashville, TN

"This is the best electronic documentation app I have found to make ease of use a breeze for Athletic Trainers. You won't find an app that is more user friendly. DragonFly MAX has saved tons of time for me and the parents of my athletes."

"First of all, the fact that DragonFly MAX is free automatically gives it a leg up on the other apps and platforms created for athletic training documentation. However, what significantly separates it from the rest is the user-friendly interface and the ease of transition from one aspect of documentation to the next. The cherry on top is the customer service and the ability to contact support at anytime with the knowledge that I will receive an answer within a very small window of time. There are very few things this app can’t do, but what it can do is exactly what I needed for my job."

Danny Barringer, ATC
Director of Sports Medicine
The Physicians Centre Hospital - Bryan, TX

"DragonFly MAX as a whole is a very simple system to use, both as an app and recently the website. But more importantly the people that work for MAX are very easy to work with and fix any problems I have in a timely manner and even listen to my input in what I would love to see as an AT."

Andrew Johnson, ATC
Providence Christian School
Lilburn, GA

"This app makes injury tracking and paperwork much easier than our previous method. DragonFly MAX could be like scissors to an Athletic Trainer; we will always have it in our back pocket."

Carter Forgey, ATC
Grissom High School
Huntsville, AL