Team Messaging

MAX provides a built-in team messaging feature to help coaches and athletic trainers communicate important announcements directly with individual athletes or an entire team. And because these messages are built into the MAX app, coaches no longer have to share their personal numbers in order to communicate with their athletes.


Individual & Group Messages

MAX give you the freedom to customize who receives messages. Messages can be sent to individual athletes or to groups of athletes within the app. Users can create groups to narrow down who needs a specific message based on position or class. For example, an athletic trainer could send the following reminder to a specific team: “Training Room opens at 6:30am for treatment.” Each member of that team will receive an in-app message and alert notification to remind them about the announcement. A baseball coach could also send a message to only the pitchers and catchers: "Make sure to work on curveballs in the bullpen today."

Athlete & Parent Discussions

MAX also provides coaches and athletic trainers with the ability to reach out to parents through messaging. You can create messages for both athletes and parents, athletes only, and parents only. You can also utilize our group chat feature to give athletes and parents the opportunity to discuss specific items with one another. And users control their own notifications, so they can opt-out of being notified about a discussion at any time.