Team Scheduling

The Team Scheduling features of MAX are collaborative tools designed to keep your entire Athletic Department on the same schedule. You can use team scheduling to track scheduled games, practices, meetings, physicals, doctor appointments, and more.


Personal & Team Scheduling

Because team scheduling is essentially a calendar with customizable reminders, users can include their own personal schedules as well as the shared events created by an organization. School officials can create an event and tag all associated attendees that should be alerted of the event to receive notifications and reminders. Best of all, when changes are made to a shared event, notifications are sent to all attendees without any additional work from the person who assigned the event.

Automated Update Notifications


Keeping track of changes in events and getting that message out to everyone on the team can be difficult.  Let MAX help with this communication by sending push alerts when changes are made to scheduled events. Simply creating an event and assigning it to another individual or group within your organization will add this event to each user’s profile and alert the user to the event via a notification on their home screen. Changes are also pushed to the user via the built-in notification features of their device.