How Does My School Benefit From Using MAX?

Participation Paperwork

Getting parents to turn in all the right forms (with all of the required signatures and information) can be a headache.  Not With MAX!  Our pre-participation forms packets don't allow an incomplete packet to be submitted.  And it's never been easier to point parents in the right location...a simple school code is all that is needed.

Records Oversight

Completed Forms List.png

Keeping track of papers in a file cabinet is a thing of the past.  Use MAX to quickly see who should and should not be participating due to incomplete paperwork.  MAX also helps you see who was cleared by the doctor, store documents related to doctor visits during the school year, and much more.  You can have peace of mind by knowing the details of the care provided to your students.

School-wide Scheduling

The MAX scheduling tools allow you to stay on top of every event that happens on your campus.  When coaches make changes to practice or game times, you get immediate notifications of these changes.  You can also schedule school-wide events and invite parents of all teams to participate.  Everyone stays on the same page with what is happening at your school.

Parent Communication

Use the MAX messaging tools to reach out to parents about important notices within the athletic department.  Need to schedule a parent meeting, but don't want to give out your personal phone number?  No problem.  Just send the parent a message through MAX.  The lines of communication always stay open.

Want to know more about the features in MAX?  Need help understanding all that MAX can do?  Our helpful user guide has all the details about making MAX easy to use for Athletic Directors & Administrators.