Steps To Complete Your Child's Forms

Step 1

Step 1.png

On the MAX website, click "Do My Forms"

Step 2

Step 2.png

Create Your Parent Account

Step 3

Step 3.png

Add Profiles For Your Children

Step 4

Step 4.png

Complete Each Child's Basic Medical Info

Step 5

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Upload Documents to Each Child's Profile

Step 6

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Download the DragonFly MAX Mobile App


Ready to Get Started???


Why can’t we just fill this out once and be done with it?
— Every Parent...Ever

We recognize that filling out the same forms every year is a headache for parents. At DragonFly MAX we have heard your calls and we are ready to help. Completing paperwork for your child shouldn't be a chore. MAX helps solve this problem by securely storing your paperwork so that last year's info is quickly added to this year's forms.


Electronic management of your child's Athletic Medical Record has never been simpler.