Why can’t we just fill this out once and be done with it?
— Every Parent...Ever

We recognize that filling out the same forms every year is a headache for parents. At DragonFly MAX we have heard your calls and we are ready to help.  Completing paperwork for your child shouldn't be a chore.  MAX helps solve this problem by securely storing your paperwork so that last year's info is quickly added to this year's forms.

Electronic management of your child's Athletic Medical Record has never been simpler.

Easy & Secure Document Storage

Entering and accessing your child's info is a straightforward process in MAX.  Just create a parent account on the MAX website, then our simple process will walk you through adding athletes, completing their school assigned forms, and submitting for your completed packet to your school.

Once your forms have been submitted, you receive an email link to your child's documents & can print these from within your account. Plus, the documents are delivered directly to your school, so no more lost papers on the way from home to school.

We think you're going to love the ease of use!

School Assigned paperwork

Ever wonder if you have all of the forms your school requires?  Wonder no more. In DragonFly MAX, schools choose the forms necessary for all of their athletes and when you connect all of these forms are presented to you in an easy to understand format.  MAX also displays your progress, so you know when you are approaching the finish.  

Need to take a break?  No problem.  MAX stores all information added to a form automatically, so you can stop any time and pick up right where you left off later. You can also jump around between forms, so you can skip the information you don't remember right off hand.  

Once you reach 100%, you'll submit your packet and it is immediately available for viewing by your child's school administrators and coaches.

Health History Red Flags

The required health history questions are extensive, but they are meant to keep your child healthy and safe during athletic competition. MAX takes the vital information you include in your child's health history and puts it directly in the eyes of school officials and healthcare providers.

You can feel at ease that no one will have the opportunity to forget your child's allergies or medical conditions. This information is highlighted for healthcare providers at the top of your forms.  Your child's MAX profile is also automatically updated so no one can miss these important pieces of the healthcare puzzle.