The DragonFlyMAX Injury List provides a collaborative tool, allowing Athletic Trainers to connect with coaches and other staff members to provide injury updates in real time.



injury-list Screenshot.png

Athletic Trainers, Coaches, and Administrators have up-to-the-minute injury lists that share important information about the health status of their athletes. The Injury List provides indicators regarding return to practice/play, as well as instructions from the healthcare team about limitations or appropriate continued care.


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The Injury History provides an archive of the injuries that have been reported within your organization. As athletes recover from acute injury, they are removed from the active injury list but their injury records are still easily accessible to healthcare providers and coaches.


Doctor's office visits and other outside referrals are an inevitability within athletics. The Referrals area allows school healthcare providers to easily communicate when these appointments are occurring. Reminders can also be setup for student-athletes, parents, and coaches before an appointment.