Injury Documentation

Athletic Trainers can use DragonFly MAX to maintain records of injury incidents.  Our documentation system is designed to allow freedom in the thoroughness of your injury documentation.  Complete a simple injury note in a few taps or use voice dictation to record a detailed SOAP Note.  The system is also designed to notify coaches, athletes, and parents about important care instructions.


Simple Documentation

Injury Note.PNG

MAX is setup so that recording an incident of injury is quick and easy. With MAX you choose the injured athlete, select which body part was injured, then enter the type of injury and you are finished. From there you can click "Save" and move on to the next athlete. You can also choose from our stock list of recognized injuries or enter your own injury type to suit your terminology. 

No more wasting 20 minutes just to have a record of an ankle sprain.  With MAX you can capture only the information you need to ensure appropriate care of your athlete.

Detailed Soap Notes

As simple as it is to get an injury record into MAX, the platform is built to handle as much data as you can throw at it. You can use the SOAP Notes section to record detailed information about ROM Measurements, Manual Muscle Testing, Special Tests, and any other detailed information you feel necessary to best document this injury. You can also include images of injuries to visually capture the progression of an injury. The level of detail is totally up to you as a healthcare provider.

Voice Dictation

Voice Dictation.PNG

Athletic Trainers don't have tons of time to spend starring at your computer or mobile device while trying to document injuries. But the documentation must happen. That's why we've included the voice dictation features provided by your mobile device to allow you to quickly enter information about your injuries without having to take your eyes off the field.