Creating Your User Profiles

Selecting Your User Role

Now that you have created a DragonFly MAX account, your next step is to select a user role for your profile.


Choose the User Role for Your DragonFly MAX Account
(* Important Note - Parents and Athletes will need separate accounts.)


Connecting To Your School

Next you will get connected to your school or organization.  You will need to enter a School Code that has been assigned for your school.


Once you have entered your school code, you will see a confirmation notice to ensure you have chosen the right school.  Verify that this information is correct, then request access to your school by clicking "Next". 


Wait!  What If I Don't Have A School Code?

If you are an athlete or parent and have not yet been given a School Code by your coach or athletic trainer, you will need to request this School Code from the school.

If you are an administrator, coach, or athletic trainer and do not have a School Code, it may be that your school is not yet setup to use MAX.  Before you create a new school, check with others on campus to be sure no one has yet setup a school in the DragonFly MAX system.

If no one has setup your school in MAX, select the following option when creating your profile:

"I want to start using DragonFly MAX for myself or my school."


If someone has already setup your school, then ask them for the correct school code and select the following option when creating your profile:

"My organization is already using DragonFly MAX"


What if I don't know whether my organization is using DragonFly MAX?

If you are unsure whether your organization has already been established in DragonFly MAX, contact us and we can check on that for you.  Creating a new organization when one has already been established can cause some headaches for you down the road.  We can help you avoid that if you just reach out.


What's Next?

Up next, you will begin the process of creating your profile, granting access requests from other users, reviewing completed pre-participation forms, etc.