Getting Started FAQs


Why Do Parents Sign-Up Through The Website First?

The first main objective for parents when getting started is to complete participation forms for your children. The DragonFly MAX Electronic Participation Forms are built on our website to allow for easy access on any device with a browser.  Thus parents will want to start the account creation process and fill out forms through our website.


Do Parents Need The Mobile App?

Absolutely!  The MAX Mobile App provides valuable tools for parents to track their child's health status, stay up-to-date on schedule changes, and communicate with coaches and athletic trainers.

why do I need the dragonfly max mobile app?

All of the day-to-day functionality of DragonFly MAX occurs through our mobile app.  The app is a free download available on iOS and Android.  You will find valuable tools there for managing individual athlete health documentation; communication between athletes, parents, coaches, and healthcare providers; reporting daily training activities and injury treatments; tracking rehabilitation and strength training programs; and much more.