Role of Participation Forms in DragonFly MAX


DragonFly MAX is a large software ecosystem designed to solve the healthcare administration issues that parents, coaches, athletic trainers, and school administrators encounter on a regular basis.  We strive to solve user problems that improve the overall healthcare for student-athletes.  We occasionally hear from users with questions about the difference between our participation forms tools and the rest of the DragonFly MAX software platform.

At DragonFly MAX, we view electronic participation forms as the first step in creating a solid healthcare foundation for your student athletes.  These forms typically contain documents that are designed to educate student-athletes and their families about the benefits and risks of participation in sport.  They also usually include legal documents to provide for protection of personal health information and appropriate communication channels between school officials and healthcare providers.  Finally, these documents usually gather health history information that is vital for school healthcare providers to have a full overall picture of student-athlete health.

Beyond these electronic participation forms, DragonFly MAX has powerful healthcare delivery tools that include injury and treatment documentation; concussion assessment; rehabilitation home exercise programs; shared communication between parents and healthcare providers; injury lists and practice/play notifications for coaches; and much more.