Your school operates in a unique way and we don't want you to change a thing. 
That's why we've built our Custom Forms Designer.

We're giving you complete control over your electronic forms. DragonFly's Custom Forms Designer gives you the ability to meet your specific needs, through a simple design process.  Ready to see how easy it is?  Watch our helpful tutorials below.

Familiar User Experience

  • Modeled after the Google Drive interface
  • Common Text & Page Formatting Tools
  • Easily Add Images & Logos

Simple & Complex Forms

  • Athletic paperwork doesn't have to be as complicated as your tax return.
  • Start with simple, single signature forms.
  • Move on to more complex designs when you're ready.

Auto-Fill & Auto-Save

  • No more tedious repetition on paperwork.
  • Anything the user has entered once is automatically added to all of your custom built forms.


Forms Built By DragonFly

Don't want to learn how to build your custom forms?  DragonFly will be glad to get your custom forms created for you.  Just let us know!