Your school operates in a unique way and we don't want you to change a thing. 
That's why we've built our Custom Forms Designer.

We're giving you complete control over your electronic forms. DragonFly's Custom Forms Designer gives you the ability to meet your specific needs, through a simple design process.  Ready to see how easy it is?  Watch our helpful tutorials below.

Familiar User Experience

  • Modeled after the Google Drive interface

  • Common Text & Page Formatting Tools

  • Easily Add Images & Logos

Simple & Complex Forms

  • Athletic paperwork doesn't have to be as complicated as your tax return.

  • Start with simple, single signature forms.

  • Move on to more complex designs when you're ready.

Auto-Fill & Auto-Save

  • No more tedious repetition on paperwork.

  • Anything the user has entered once is automatically added to all of your custom built forms.