Collecting fees is one of those hassles that every school and team deals with. We're making it easy to collect all of your fees as part of the pre-season forms process. It's not a separate process for your parents.

Let DragonFly handle the headaches of collecting your athletic fees.

Easy Setup

DF Payments Icons - Easy Setup_2.png

It only takes a few clicks to setup a payment and require this for your school or team.

Simple Collection

DF Payments Icons - Simple Collection@3x.png

Assigned fees are grouped so parents don't get confused with what they owe for their child.

Payment Checklists

DF Payments Icons - Payment Checklists@3x.png

It's easy to know who has paid...
and who has not.

Convenient Payments

DF Payments Icons - Convenient Payments@3x.png

Multiple payment methods available directly from smartphone or computer.


DF Payments Icons - Accounting Sync_2@3x.png

Transaction records can be downloaded into the accounting software of your choice.

Secure Infrastructure

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Comprehensive security and rigorous compliance are applied to all transactions.


DF Payments Icons - Increased Visibility_2@3x.png

Automatic transfer of funds to your school's accounts increases accountability & visibility.