How much does it cost to use DragonFly MAX?


DragonFly MAX is free for Athletic Trainers, Coaches, School Administrators, Parents and Athletes.  

You can download the app today and get started at no cost.

Will there ever be a fee for using DragonFly MAX?


We have no plans for school personnel to pay for using DragonFly MAX.  In the future, there may be a cost for parents of athletes.  This cost would be associated with the use of additional tools for enhancing communication, athlete health, and athlete performance.

Are there any limitations to the "free version" of DragonFly MAX?


There is only one version of DragonFly MAX and it is completely free to use.

Download the app today and keep your athletes in the game with DragonFly MAX.

Orange "Saving" Status Bar

Protect the Integrity of Your Data!


If you ever notice your app is stuck "Saving..." with an orange status bar at the top of the screen, it is very important that you do not attempt to delete the app as a fix. Deleting the app from your device at this point is almost certain to cause you data loss and data loss should never happen in DragonFly MAX.

We can always resolve the problem when this status bar appears. Typically these issues occur when your device is trying to find a connection to the internet to complete an upload of data to "The Cloud".  In most instances it will resolve itself as soon as you have a new connection. However, there may be a rare instance where it does not resolve and our tech support gurus will check-in with you to get it resolved.

It is okay to continue using your mobile device as you normally would.  Closing the app or switching to other device functions will have no effect on the data contained within DragonFly MAX.

The integrity of your data is vital to the health and well-being of your athletes. It is also our top priority. We truly understand the importance of not losing vital information. Anytime we hear of these issues, your support need will move to the top of our priority list. So let us know immediately if this happens. And be sure to protect your data by not deleting the app as a fix.