Custom Exercise Programs

MAX allows athletic trainers and coaches to create digital exercise programs that can be assigned to athletes within the app. These digital HEPs are great because they provide exercise instruction at all times, not just when your facilities are available. Instructions are delivered to each athlete from within their MAX profile. They include when and how the athlete should complete each exercise and can be updated at any time directly from your phone. Exercises can be customize to suit your program’s needs and tailored with assigned sets, reps, and weights for each individual or a group of athletes.


Digital Home Exercise programs

Single Exercise List.PNG

Athletes no longer have an excuse for not completing their home exercise programs. With the custom exercise program functionality of MAX, athletic trainers and coaches can create digital exercise programs and deliver these directly to their athletes within the app. Exercise programs can include instructions for how to perform the exercise, how to progress sets and repetitions, and when each exercise should be performed.

Individualized & Group Exercise Assignments

Exercise programs in MAX can be assigned to individuals and groups, making it easy to work with large numbers of athletes without repeating the work. Create an exercise list, then assign it to a group of athletes so instruction is developed to meet the demands of specific sports or positions. No more general exercise programs for everyone in the weight room. And because exercises can be stored into protocols for reuse, there is no need to recreate the same basic routine for athletes in the early phases of rehab.

Stock Exercise Library

Exercise List.PNG

MAX provides a database of close to 200 stock exercises for creating exercise protocols to quickly share with your athletes. Choose from our premade exercises and instructions or customize with your own terminology to develop the perfect program.

Custom Images & Video

Editing Exercises.PNG

In addition to our stock exercise library, MAX is designed to allow you the freedom to develop your own exercises and include custom images and video to ensure your athletes understand what is expected of them. You can modify the stock library or start from scratch with your own terminology. Simply tap the camera button while editing an exercise and you can capture images to fully express how an exercise is to be performed in either images or video.