User Highlights

Danny Barringer, ATC



Occupation: Athletic Trainer
Title: Director of Sports Medicine
Employer: The Physicians Centre Hospital
Location: Bryan, TX
MAX User Since: April 2017

What do you like most about MAX?

What I love most about MAX is the user-friendliness of the app. I’m able to access information I need extremely quickly from any point inside the app; I love that it’s not file-based like some apps, meaning you’d have to click through a cascade of options to get to a specific place in the app. If I want to enter an injury quickly, I can get to that screen in two steps. If I want to see which athletes I should be evaluating today, I can see that information with one swipe. It’s quite impressive how much information can be accessed in a very minimal number of steps.


What is your favorite feature of MAX?

My favorite feature of MAX is the feature I utilize the most: the injury list. As the athletic trainer for multiple high schools, keeping track of injuries used to be incredibly daunting and, quite honestly, nearly impossible. Now that I’m using MAX, not only can I keep track of which athletes I need to see each day, but I can keep up with which athletes are coming to see which doctor and at what time, all without clogging up my own personal calendar with potential HIPAA/FERPA violations. The injury list is a unique view of athletes that you can easily adjust to your needs, as well. I don’t put every injured athlete on the team’s injury list, but I love that I have the option from the injury input screen.


How have you been using MAX at your school?:

Injury tracking, treatment tracking, medication tracking, and communication with contracted athletic trainers regarding injuries they evaluate and athletic events.


What problem has MAX solved for you at your school?

As the director of sports medicine for a local hospital who oversees athletic training services for seven different contracts, it’s imperative to me to always be in the know regarding athletic injuries. The app has streamlined the communication between my contracted athletic trainers who evaluate the injuries on site, myself, as well as coaches and the parents involved. Furthermore, I’ve been able to relay information much quicker to other parties who need to know about the injury status of the athlete (e.g., the staff athletic trainer at a high school whose middle school football team we covered).


Have you found any unique ways to use MAX?

I don’t know that it’s necessarily unique, and I haven’t started it yet, but at the end of the school year, I plan to retroactively look back on this year and the injuries sustained for each school for whom we provide athletic training services. I intend to use that information to determine whether one school has the tendency for more types of injuries than the others, and then to create a preventative protocol for that school to avoid having the same issues next year.