BEST PRACTICES: Getting Ready For Annual Physical Exams

As we close in on the end of this school year (it'll be over before you know it), most schools are beginning to prepare for next year. Making sure your athletes have a plan for getting a physical exam is probably high on that list.  

There are many different ways schools can encourage athletes to accomplish the task of getting a physical exam.

  • Mass physical exams hosted by the school

  • Mass physical exams hosted by a nearby hospital or other healthcare facility

  • An annual check-up with the student's personal physician

  • "Sports Screenings" from local health clinics (typically discounted this time of year)

No matter your method for helping athletes get their annual physical exam, DragonFly MAX can play a vital role in this process. Our tools make it easy for parents and athletes to be ready for their exam in a short time. We also bring healthcare providers an easy way to gather electronic documentation and quickly confirm to schools that their athletes are safe to practice and compete.

So with this time quickly approaching, we want to share a series of articles with simple preparation steps to guarantee your athletes don't have any trouble having a physical exam. This series of articles will include:

Once you've reviewed each of these articles, you will be fully prepared for handling Physical Exams using the DragonFly MAX software platform.  We think you're going to find that DragonFly MAX makes this process amazingly efficient and changes the way you have to deal with the day-to-day paperwork hassles that have challenged schools for years.  Good luck this season and as always reach out to us if we can help in any way!