Planning for Mass Physical Exam Day

So you've made the decision to host Mass Physical Exams for you school.  Now let's get down to the details of making all of this work.  First things are we going to get all of this paperwork ready?

It's quite easy with DragonFly MAX.  Simply setup all of the necessary forms for your school in our website's "Schools & People" view.  From there you can easily assign requirements for completing forms electronically or via upload.  You can also build your own custom forms for your school in our Forms Library.  And any form you assign can be required for your entire school or athletes on a single team.  You can even create requirements for coaches to complete prior to the season.

So parents can go to and begin completing their paperwork as soon as you are ready! 


"But wait how will parents know what to do?"

You're going to need to get the message out to parents about how to get going with DragonFly MAX.  We've provided you with several helpful tools with this in mind:



The easiest way to help your parents learn about how to complete their child's paperwork and be ready for physical exams is to point them to DragonFly  We provide an obvious pop-up banner the first time a visitor arrives on our site asking "Do you need to complete participation forms?"  We then walk them through the steps to create their Parent account and complete the paperwork for their child.


The Sign-Up Handout

We've also included a one-page handout that you can share with your parents, athletes, and coaches to help get them signed up and heading in the right direction for completing their school requirements.  The handout can be found on the "Schools and People" page of our website OR in the slide out menu of the DragonFly MAX mobile app.  These handouts can be printed, emailed, or sent as another message...whatever you think will reach your people and help them get started.


You can also add a link on your school's website that takes your parents and athletes directly to a login page for your school.  These links are provided as a convenience if you want to point your parents to your school's website, rather than ours.  You can find the link for your school below the school's name on the "Schools & People" page when you are logged in to the DragonFly MAX website.

Those tools can be used in several ways.  The easiest would be to print the sign-up handout and send it home with your athletes.  You might also choose to send the handout, with a personally crafted message from your school, via email to all of your parents.  A third option that we recommend is to schedule team meetings at your school and have computer labs available for parents who want to finish this work before they leave the meeting.  These types of meeting may require an incentive (everyone likes a free meal) and not everyone will be able to attend on the day you choose.  But you can work something out to make this easy and convenient for everyone involved.


The Week Before Mass Physical Exams

Finally, we would encourage you to send out reminders about your upcoming physical exams to all of your parents during the week before.  Your reminder message might include the following information:

  • What information must parents bring with them?
    • Should parents print off their child's health history form to bring for the exam?
  • Is there a cost associated with the exams?
  • Do parents need to bring anything back from the doctor?
    • Are there expectations on parents after they leave?
    • How will they be informed of those expectations?

In our next article, we will walk through the nitty-gritty details about how you should setup your mass physical exam stations and be ready to handle all these athletes can throw at you.