Follow-up After Physical Exam Day

Once Physical Exam Day is over, just prop your feet up, kick off your shoes, and grab an umbrella drink because there's no more work to be done...right???

Of course not.  There's plenty of work still to be done to make sure everyone on your teams is completely ready to play.  But DragonFly MAX makes it simple to do all of this work and quickly get you to that place of rest and relaxation. 

Here are some easy steps to help wrap things up:

Remind parents to upload or send in the completed Physical Exam Form

If you stuck with the paper route, you'll may need to make sure you get that paperwork back from your parents.  With DragonFly MAX, you can have them submit their child's paperwork through our website or mobile app.

Review all submitted Physical Exam Forms

The eligibility views in DragonFly MAX make it easy to see who has turned in their physical exam and when those physicals expire.  But it is important that you review that information.  Physicals completed electronically will automatically be approved based on whether the doctor cleared the athlete to participate or not.  But you will need to check for any uploaded forms for the following:

  • Is this the correct type of document?  Is the uploaded form appropriate for the current school year?
  • Was this document signed by the correct type of healthcare provider?
  • Does the uploaded physical exam say the athlete is "Cleared for Participation"? 
  • Are there any limitations noted?
  • Are any further evaluations necessary?

Reviewing these exams can be done quickly in DragonFly MAX and any documents that don't meet your requirements can be rejected, so that parents and athletes are aware of next steps they need to take.


Send Thank You Notes To Healthcare Providers

It's always great to receive a simple "Thank you" when you've worked hard for someone.  Drop a quick note in the mail to tell your doctors, nurses, and other staff how much you appreciate their help.  You could also ask them how they think things went.


Reach Out To Coaches & Parents About How The Process Went

Quality improvements year-over-year are a must.  And the best ideas generally happen right after the event.  So send out a quick survey asking for feedback.  General or specific, whatever information you can get will help you make things better for next year.


All of these recent articles have been helpful for those who conduct mass physical exams, but that isn't always possible.  In our next article, you can read about what to do if you aren't holding mass physical exams for your athletes.