Andy Grubbs, ATC

We got another chance to meet with one of our long-time DragonFly MAX users and supporters a while back.  Andy Grubbs, with the Hughston Clinic in Columbus, GA, spent some time with us at his recent continuing education event for athletic trainers.  The event was an excellent last minute opportunity for those who needed to grab a few more CEUs before December's deadline.

Andy has been using DragonFly MAX since its earliest Beta versions and has provided significant feedback for making this product better and better each year.  Andy specifically puts our electronic forms management through its paces when he and the team at Hughston conduct mass pre-participation physical exams in the spring of every year.  These are just one more opportunity for Andy and the Hughston Clinic to carry on the mission of its founder Dr. Jack Hughston to provide pivotal sports medicine care for student-athletes in their community.  Enjoy this AT Conversation we had with Andy Grubbs, ATC.