Andrew Johnson, ATC



Occupation: Athletic Trainer
School: Providence Christian Academy
Employer: Gwinnett Medical Center
Location: Duluth, GA
MAX User Since: January 2017

What do you like most about MAX?

The company is looking for our input to make things better, while allowing everyone under your rosters to communicate with myself or coaches as needed.


What is your favorite feature of MAX?

I can add visiting team injuries to keep track of those athletes I saw while they were on my campus, yet keep them separate from my school rosters. This helps keep even less paper clutter off my desk.


How have you been using MAX at your school?:

Still figuring out all the features and how I would like to use them, but the app helps when it is quiet on the field to put injuries in right away.


What problem has MAX solved for you at your school?

Help do away with the old injury tracking software that was hard to use when I started almost a year ago at this school. Max has streamlined putting injuries in.


Have you found any unique ways to use MAX?

Like I said before, being able to create a visiting team page, I can track the injuries I see for visiting players so that I can keep track of those injuries as well as not share them with any of our coaches.