Concussion Management

Dealing with concussion is a topic on the forefront of appropriate injury management in athletics. MAX makes it easy for Athletic Trainers to track these injuries from sideline to full return to play. With our concussion management features, Athletic Trainers can quickly document a full SCAT-3 concussion evaluation for acute injury and follow-up visits. Additionally, Baseline SCAT-3 evaluations can be completed on each athlete and stored within the Athlete Medical Record.


SCAT 3 Baseline Assessments

Athletic trainers can perform baseline SCAT 3 assessments on their athletes that integrate with the Athletic Medical Record. These baseline assessments provide a point of comparison should the athlete sustain a concussion during athletic participation. Baseline assessments can also be useful in identifying underlying causes of concern before injury occurs.

SCAT Post-Injury Assessments

When a concussion occurs on the field or court, one of the hardest things is to quickly determine the severity of injury and the next course of action. MAX provides the SCAT 3 assessment which walks you through a quick sideline assessment to help you make the right call when it comes to return to play. From sideline assessment to full symptom evaluation and cognitive assessment, SCAT 3 Post-Injury Assessments on MAX are another tool in your arsenal to ensure your athletes are getting the best care.

SCAT Score summaries

Keeping track of an athlete's progress and recovery can be difficult, especially when you start thinking about all the numbers that come from these diagnostic tests.  But MAX helps you keep the number organized by providing a scrollable scoring summary of all of an athlete's SCAT evaluations.  Simply click on the the SCAT history button and scroll across all of the athlete's previous tests to compare results and identify areas of recovery that are improving.

Enhanced Parent Communication throughout Recovery

In addition to the SCAT Assessment features of MAX, our tools also make it easy for parents and Athletic Trainers to stay in touch throughout the recovery of the athlete. These are difficult injuries to diagnose and require special attention at each stage of healing. Athletic Trainers can update care instructions each day to ensure quick steps to return athletes to health. Parents can ask questions without the need to track down the Athletic Trainer on a ballfield or in the clinic. 

Concussion management has never been easier with the DragonFly MAX Concussion Management Tools.