Why Should You Use DragonFly MAX?

DragonFly MAX is simplifying every part of athletic department management. Each user has specific needs and we provide great time saving and organizational tools for whatever your role in the organization.

  • Coaches need to know who is ready and able to play.
  • Parents want their kids to play sports without hours of paperwork.
  • State Associations want to provide great athletic experiences, while ensuring school's meet their rules obligations.
  • Healthcare providers want athletes to be able to participate in a safe competitive environment.

DragonFly MAX provides the tools to make all these things possible without overloading any single individual with too much of the work.


Lighten your workload. Our messaging and scheduling features are built into the same app where you follow your athletes' eligibility and health information. Keeping the lines of communication open has never been easier.



From the start to end this season, take control of your child's athletic participation. Easily completed preseason forms, daily team communication and more allow DragonFly MAX to keep you in the driver's seat.


In a few quick clicks you can have a simple injury record, then you decide how much detail to include in your documentation. Plus, coaches and parents can be instantly notified of your plan of care.



Our modular software platform allows you to manage school eligibility and certification, academic integration, game management and scheduling, tournament setup and fee collection, and much more.