Why Would I Use The MAX App?


You don't have to keep your coaches and parents in the dark about what you are doing to stay healthy during the day. Using the MAX timeline, you can track the details about your nutritional habits, sleep schedule, strength & conditioning progress, and the medical care that you are getting each day. You can also make note of your location throughout the day so it is clear when you are at practice, receiving treatment, talking with a coach, etc.

Exercise & Care Instructions

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep all of the instructions from your athletic trainer in your head. Or maybe you just didn't quite understand what you were being told at the time. With MAX, your athletic trainer can provide you with written instructions to support his conversations with you about the best possible care you can receive for your injuries.



Got a question for coach, but forgot to ask after practice was over? No problem when you are using MAX. Simply jump into the messaging section of the MAX app and you can quickly send your coach a message to find out details on your question. Coach may also create a group chat for your entire team so you can keep each other motivated day in and day out.



Game and practice times can change at a moment's notice...especially outdoors in the spring time.  MAX provides a scheduling tool for athlete's to follow their own personalized schedule of recurring classes and homework, but also receive an immediate notification when coach makes a change to the schedule. Best of all, you don't have to worry about missing the announcements because updates are sent directly to you from your coach.