Core to DragonFly MAX is the Athletic Medical Record, a central repository of all aspects of an athlete's health information.  The AMR presents information to users throughout the app, including the athlete profile, participation documentation, and much more.  Read below to see the specific features of our AMR platform.



The athlete profile contains the most vital contact and emergency information for the student athlete. Information is easy to update and stays at the top of mind for all those needing information about an athlete.


In an athletic emergency, healthcare providers and school officials need direct access to the most vital health concerns. Existing medical conditions and allergies are prioritized and highlighted at the top of every athlete profile.


Participation Documents.PNG

A key part of ensuring athlete safety is guaranteeing that they have completed the appropriate pre-participation documents. MAX provides a repository for these important documents and allows you to add any additional paperwork, such as doctor's notes, permission slips, or other important information.