Athlete Medical Record/Profile

  • View and manage every aspect of an Athlete’s health and performance from his or her personal profile page.
  • The Athlete Medical Record/Profile Includes:
    • Pre-participation Physical
    • Current Injuries
    • SOAP Notes
    • Care Instructions
    • Medical History
    • Rehab Exercise Assignments
    • Strength and Conditioning Assignments
    • Athlete Contact Information
    • Parent/Emergency Contact Information
    • And More!

Injury List, Injury History, Referral History

The DragonFlyMAX Injury List provides a collaborative tool, allowing Athletic Trainers to connect with coaches and other staff members to provide injury updates in real time.


  • Pre-participation Physical
  • Current Injuries and Injury History
  • SOAP Notes
  • Injury Pictures/Video
  • Care Instructions
  • Team Communication
  • And More!

Custom Rehab and Strength Exercise Library

  • Create rehab programs for each athlete instantly. Customize these programs at any time directly from your phone.
  • Create your own exercises so you can customize to your program’s needs; tailor the assigned sets and reps for these exercises.
  • Choose exercises from our preloaded exercises database.
  • Exercises database includes a set of the most common rehab and strength exercises for each body part.

Team Calendar

  • The Team Calendar is collaborative tool designed to keep your entire Athletic Department on the same schedule. Track scheduled games, practices, meetings, physicals, doctor appointments, etc.
  • Any person in your organization can create an event, and tag all associated members that should be alerted of the event.
  • MAX will send the associated users a push alert, and the event will show up on each user’s home screen.

Team Communication/Messaging Platform

  • Communicate directly with individual athletes or an entire team from inside the DragonFlyMAX application.
  • For example: “Training Room opens at 6:30am for Treatment”

Athletic Department Forms Management

Electronic management of your Athletic Medical Record has never been simpler.  All of your pre-participation forms are available online and within the DragonFly MAX mobile app, including:
  • Participation Consent
  • HIPAA Compliance
  • Athlete Education & Awareness for Concussion
  • Athlete Education & Awareness for Sudden Cardiac Arrest
  • Custom School Forms
Complete these forms online and they are instantly available on your school’s Athletic Trainers, Coaches and Administrators mobile devices…. No more lugging a mountain of paperwork to the game! Everyone involved in the safety of your student-athlete can now complete and manage this information in just minutes. Plus, you’ll always know the exact status for each team member.
  • Make Paperwork Management Easy
  • Securely store forms in the Athletic Medical Record
  • Forms are always available on your mobile device (even when offline).
  • Forms data integrates with your Athlete Profile and Team Lists


Concussion Management Tools

Concussion is on the forefront of injury management in athletics.  DragonFly MAX makes it easy for Athletic Trainers to track these injuries from sideline to full return to play.  With our concussion management features, Athletic Trainers can quickly document a full SCAT-3 concussion evaluation for acute injury and follow-up visits.  Additionally, baseline SCAT-3 evaluations can be completed on each athlete and stored within the Athlete Medical Record.
Our tools also make it easy for parents and Athletic Trainers to stay in touch throughout the recovery of the athlete.  These are difficult injuries to diagnose and require special attention at each stage of healing.  Athletic Trainers can update care instructions each day to ensure quick steps to return athletes to health.  Parents can ask questions without the need to track down the Athletic Trainer on a ballfield or in the clinic.  Concussion management has never been easier with the DragonFly MAX Concussion Management Tools.
  • SCAT 3 Baseline and Acute Assessments
  • Integrated with the Athletic Medical Record
  • Enhanced Parent Communication throughout the Recovery Process
  • Real-time Injury Updating Features keep Coaches in the Loop